New Forest 1200

Brand:  British Fires



A 1178mm
B 311mm
C 1200mm
D 565mm
E 424mm
F 300mm
G 55.5mm
H 67mm
I 83.5mm

The New Forest electric fire takes flame technology to the next level. The LED flame visuals are almost unbelievable in the deep real fires colours and spread throughout the wide fire utilising every angle.


The signature logs are crafted from high quality materials that perfectly form together and capture every detail you would expect to see in a log found whilst walking in the New Forest.



Upgrade your view and create the ultimate experience with Deluxe Real Logs. Each Deluxe Real Log is unique and artisanly crafted using actual logs found in nature. They really enhance an already prominent statement piece in any room will take any viewer by surprise — especially, when you tell them that they are real logs.




The development process of the Deluxe Real Logs fuel bed begins by selecting different sized logs, branches, and twigs to create a natural log layout. Then placed on a forest floor bed comprised of bark, twigs, and log remnants. A resin mix is then added into the base and cured in an oven to permanently fix the logs.



Each Deluxe Log Fuel-bed is individually unique. Created by hand using real logs, we can offer an unmatched, realistic, fuel-bed effect. 




The Logs are fixed into place upon a bed of bark, twigs, and log remnants to complete a natural setting.


What better way to demonstrate a burning fire than by using real logs? The natural detail of the logs create an authentic look and feel which enhances the overall interaction between flame-effect and fuel-bed. 


To give the logs an authentic look and feel each logs is hand scorched and charred. These small added detail helps bring the logs to life giving the whole look the ultimate wood fire characteristics you would expect to see. 


The combination of the real split logs and the reflective flame-effect rear glass produces a beautiful 3D-effect of flames dancing between the logs. 
This is something to truly amaze you.

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